About the Authors

Although Syner.gg is small and we split our workload (some would say synergistically), we do have particular areas of expertise:

Hugo “Chinchillarama” Pedder

This guy.
This guy.

Main – Jarvan IV

Identifies with – Singed

Twitter – @hugopedder

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His job

Hugo is in charge of research and static analytics at syner.gg, he makes sure that the scientific method is applied to everything syner.gg does and at least hopes that it maintains his high statistical standards – let it be known – if it falls short, it’s all AAK’s fault. He also curates this blog, in line with his aim of communicating statistics to everyone who is in interested, spreading the wealth of knowledge and improving the interpretation of statistics.

So who is this guy?

Neuroscientist, Medical Statistician, Adventurer. Hugo was born and raised in London during the 90s and early 00s which hardened his environmental concern into a jagged diamond and sharpened his rhetorical skills. His interest in Medicine and numbers led him to read Neuroscience at Edinburgh University and Uppsala University followed by a Masters course in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His particular area of interest is complex methods of meta-analysis. He now assists NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) developing healthcare guidelines for the NHS, and is also a communicator for the Royal Statistical Society. He’s just that kind of guy – many fingers, many statistical pies.

Why LoL? Why now!?

Hugo first came to play LoL during his time working abroad in Sweden and when he was studying at the University of Uppsala. The shunted daylight hours during winter-time, owing to its proximity to the North-pole, led to obvious crippling loneliness which he decided to remedy by playing League of Legends, because, paradoxically, competitive stress relieves internal anxiety. Through this game he understood the intrinsic value of competitive, and addictive, online games in forging and maintaining friendships. He still plays with and remains friends with those on that original team, even though he has yet to meet face-to-face with some of them. Through those days Hugo was able to forge a passion for team-play and using his statistical prowess hopes to put concrete analysis and mathematical rigor to AAK’s more wacky ideas. It helps that Hugo has a talent for remaining silent when people conflate correlation and causation, which is not an easy task for a statistician.

Hugo also enjoys spinning fire, playing table-top (non-electronic) games, climbing and rafting across unmolested Scandinavians rivers – you can find his exploits over at vindelriver.blogspot.co.uk.

Quotes: “Good Sir, when you say it doesn’t matter, it makes you a data analyst and not a statistician.”

A A Karim
Yes, that's him.
Yes, that’s him.

Main – Twisted Fate

Identifies with – Janna


His Job

Providing the mathematical optimization Yin to HP’s statistical Yang. Creating and maintaining the backend analysis complex, the website and overseeing project development, creative direction. Researching and designing algorithms for static models, machine learning and large-scale, interactive data analysis.

So who is this guy?

AAK was born in raised in London and studied Medical Biochemistry at KCL before undertaking a conversion course in Law.

AAK happens likes creating interactive data analyses and believes that real, genuine, visceral interaction with analytical models can often lead to quicker insights than those done by machines alone. Yes, we are at an epoch of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discover where the novel methods of data collection and ‘old-fashioned’ methods of intuitive analytical model creation intersect to create fantastic, useful analytics. Plus, he wants everyone to analyse things themselves and not let the robots have all the fun.

Why LoL? Why now!?

His first forays into League of Legends were in 2010 and he quickly realised LoL’s power to pit friend-against-friend, shattering friendships and creating lasting rifts and bitter enemies of otherwise docile and non-confrontational people. Despite these horrors he still plays LoL to this day and somehow manages to play with that same friend group, toeing the thin line between fury and elation that maintains his addiction.

Adil refuses to accept that Twisted Fate is an unsuitable champion in some circumstances and routinely blames his team-mates for their inability to keep up with him despite his status as a solid Bronze-II player. It is partly this that led him to begin development on the Synergy model – the inability to accept that he was wrong.

Adil enjoys making video game music, creating machine-intelligence systems and urban rambling.

Quotes: “I think I’ve made a model !- oh no, wait, that’s a graph of  cheese vs happiness. Well, it’s not wrong.”