About syner.gg





Syner.gg is a tool for team managers and players to optimize the way in which their eSports teams interact, train and play. It is an analytical platform that provides statistics and advanced modelling techniques to give unique insights about interactions between players. The models we develop will not only help players make optimal selections with regards to champions, builds and strategy selection, but will also teach them how and why these are important to their game. A large part of this involves research – we want to develop new models for analysing League of Legends data that are statistically robust, and we want to demonstrate that they produce useful results.

We also provide a platform for team management that will allow in-depth review and analysis of games, as well as a space to co-ordinate strategies and areas for development. We help you find tournaments, we help you find team-members, we help you choose when and what to play.





Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

eSports is ideal for statistical modelling and analysis due to the comparative ease and availability of large amounts of accurate in-game data. However, as games such as League are played online, often with teams of people from all over the world, team co-ordination and interaction can be more of a challenge than in conventional sports. Our platform provides a space to facilitate this greater degree of team management that is needed in e-sports.

Our analyses differ from those that currently exist as we focus on how these attributes affect team interaction. In MOBA games, a player can play, but the team wins. Currently we report results from models using static data from the Riot API, but in the future we will run team-specific analyses that are therefore based on your team’s champion selection and play style.

World-class teams already employ data analysts and statisticians, which we consider an unfair competitive advantage over less well-funded teams. We aim to bring this level of detail and analysis to all teams that want it, irrespective of funding.





Our Philosophy

At Syner.gg we believe that your team is unique, truly. League of Legends is a vastly complex game with billions of interactions and it is very hard to say, with any certainty, what the causes for certain outcomes are. What might seem like a cause for a victory in one game may lead to a loss in the next. As humans, we look for patterns in results, and explanations for our failures, but the brain just isn’t capable of simultaneously assessing the impact of all the small decisions made in a game, and that’s why we need statistics. And for that we need data.

With that in mind we:

  1. Collect your data.
  2. Analyse and enforce the unique aspects of your play – show how you work together, help you play better as a team and help you win together – we don’t just tell you how to play by giving you the team comps for a pro team.
  3. Do it all for free!